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Holy Island Artist   John Tierney  Lindisfarne


Photo taken by John Easter 2011

(C) COPYRIGHT  All pictures on this website john tierney


Holy Island artist John James Tierney

    Johns life changed forever in 2001,a real sliding doors moment , he had not picked up a paint brush since primary school thats 36 years .


        John made a comment to a great friend Rob Gunnell whilst they were riding on bikes in Sutton park, that would change his life forever.


That moment coincided with a trip to The Holy Island of Lindisfarne in the North Sea, John calls it his Little Corner of Heaven .


 Dormant forces came alive and John was inspired by some great purpose to paint Holy Island  and after 13 years of painting the island held 2 amazing exhibitions and was then able to open an Art Gallery on the island called Impressions of Holy Island , now he sells his paintings to collectors / buyers from all over the world.


Johns inspiration comes in many guises and amazing coincidences /spiritual experiences he calls it "playing with the angels " and believes in painting from the soul , Quote from John  " My best paintings usually come without thought and my hands take over from my brain " and its usually the quicker i paint the better the painting .














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